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What should know a beginner trader? As Apollofinances warns, there are plenty of ways to get bad trading experience. How, then, can you be sure not to fall into the trap? In fact, there is no need to conduct an entire investigation. Forex scammers show themselves easily: let's look at the main mistakes, that help any trader to see the danger and avoid deception.

Why we choose

It is better to ask the brokers themselves about the work of brokerage organizations, so for comments we turned to the Apollofinances broker.

Years of experience allow Apollofinances reviews to determine a scam in the currency trading market in no time.

Anti-Fraud Programs Supported by Honest Brokers

We must not forget that the cyber police is also seriously interested in the Forex market, detecting fraudsters. As a result, the EU passed laws that regulate the activities of brokerage companies, protecting their clients from dishonest sellers and buyers of currency. Be sure to pay attention to whether the company of your choice has an official confirmation of support for anti-fraudulent laws!

For example, information on the website of scam protection section shows that the company fulfills the requirements of two important anti-fraud campaigns - AML and KYC. The broker requires verification: each client is obliged to confirm legal address, age, and other personal details. All these requirements are set out in the broker's documentation, which is available on the website in the "Documents" section. There is also a user agreement that allows you to study the terms of cooperation before opening an account. In the same section, there is a risk warning that describes the terms of the leverage usage.

Quick Tips for Defending Against Scams

As Apollofinances scam preventing specialists describe, a fraud is easy to detect, if you pay attention and ask the right questions.

So, what should novice investors consider?

Also look for company reviews that say more than the most colorful ad.

We are grateful to Apollofinances experts for helpful advice. Have a successful trading!


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Comments (15)
Abner 16.04.2021

It looks to me like most brokers are trying to get as safe as they possibly can due to the ongoing COVID measures and their impact on the market... bad news are its not always possible. Good thing that guys here actually know what they are doing and I can rely on the for dark times we are witnessing right now. I don't expect to become rich in the following months, but I'm sure as hell aint gonna go down.

Edmund 17.04.2021

Did you come here to become a millionaire? I have heard such stories many times. People come to hit a big jackpot right away. Don't count on it. Brokers also understand that during a pandemic there is no guarantee that the market will not sag. Everyone's on the nerves. Commissions are growing. Big jackpot is impossible at such times. But you can try, of course. But I would not advise beginners to rely on profit immediately. But you have time to learn the basics of trading, find out the risks, start building your strategy.

George 18.04.2021

In this market, you need to understand that the commission is directly related to risks. This service has normal commissions and at the same time low spreads. In the days of coronavirus hysteria, this is hardly possible to find on another site. Invest wisely.

Carlos 24.04.2021

thanks to the team of professionals, they helped me with my first contribution

Melker 07.05.2021

Zero commissions are my favorite part. And I am quite satisfied with other conditions.

Uwe 12.05.2021

Trading on demo since May. I like the prosaic but I afraid to deal there with my real money.

Theodore 15.05.2021

The company is reliable and any controversial issues do not entail long and incomprehensible expectations. Here you have to choose whether to lose money and have stability and security of funds, or win on commissions, but at the same time feel uncertainty about the safety of funds.

Joseph 29.05.2021

I would like to immediately mention the design of the site. It looks pretty nice. Registration is simple and takes a couple of minutes, for verification you need to provide documents. There are many currency pairs, which is a definite plus. Funds are withdrawn quickly, mostly within 12 hours. I recommend this company to novice traders and professionals.

Sofi 31.05.2021

A good average broker, or even better. Because in general, it has everything that is needed for a normal broker. Adequate spreads at an average level. A wide range of payment systems

Daniel Gray 01.06.2021

Terms here are almost too good to be true, especially compared to everything else I've seen. I especially like that there’s no commission.

Jose Martinez 10.06.2021

I’m glad I tried out this platform, I learned a lot about trading for free and without need to constantly look for information myself. Support team provided me every bit of advice they could. It’s a nice place for anyone new to trading, like me.

Troy Harris 20.06.2021

I used to trade mostly currencies, but it’s not safe in this market, so I switched to stocks. Doing fine on this platform, it provides good prices and general stability.

Leonard Murphy 20.06.2021

I came here just to read terms, but after communicating with manager decided on making an account. They answered all my questions in great detail, I appreciated the patience.

Robert Chavez 24.06.2021

I was pretty successful trading CFDs here, invested $6000 and got $900 as profit plus 30% on account additionally. It takes some time to learn how everything works, but when you figure it out it’s simple. Conditions are good as well, the only thing I don’t like is waiting for withdrawal for a few hours.

Ronald Scott 25.06.2021

I spent a few hours figuring out some technical details, finally gave up and called support, and they explained things very thoroughly. Thank you so much for consultation!

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