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Phishing attacks are attempts by scammers to trick you into revealing personal information such as your bank account numbers, passwords, and credit card numbers.

Experts SwissUnion scam detection team. How Does This Scam Work?

The fraudster contacts you impersonating a legitimate business such as a bank, telephone or Internet service provider. You may be contacted by email, social media, telephone or text message.

The scammer asks you to provide or confirm your personal information. For example, a fraudster might say that a bank or organization is checking customer records because of a technical error that destroyed customer data. Or they might ask you to fill out a customer survey and offer a prize for participating.

In addition, a scammer can alert you to “unauthorized or suspicious activity on your account”. You may be told that a major purchase was made in another country and asked if you allowed payment. If you answer no, the fraudster will ask you to verify your credit card or bank details so the "bank" can investigate. In some cases, the fraudster may already have your credit card number and ask you to verify your identity by entering the three- or four-digit security code printed on the card.

Other types of phishing scamsdue to SwissUnion scam check team

Experts from SwissUnion Scam detection dep: Warning Signs

  1. You receive an email, text message, or phone call from a bank, service provider, or other business you regularly work with to update or verify your details.
  2. An email or text message does not address you by your name and may contain typos and grammatical errors.
  3. The website address is not similar to the one you normally use and asks for details that a legitimate site would not normally ask for.
  4. You notice new icons on your computer screen, or your computer isn't performing as fast as usual.

Experts from SwissUnion scam check tips: Protect yourself

Have you been scammed?

  1. If you believe you have provided your account information to a scammer, contact your broker like SwissUnion or financial institution immediately.
  2. SwissUnion scam detection team recommends that you report fraud. This helps us alert people to ongoing scams, track trends, and prevent scams where possible. Please include details of the fraudulent contact you received, such as an email or screenshot.
  3. Tell your friends and family to protect them.
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